UCCP AKO is translated into English as “I am a UCCP”.  The UCCP is an acronym for United Church of Christ in the Philippines. This is particular for the Philippines but you can find around the world a Uniting Church in (the place).

This site, UCCP AKO is a product of unswerving loyalty as a UCCP member believing in all the Biblical tenets clearly inscribed in the UCCP Statement of Faith, its Vision, Mission, and Goals as the roadmap for its membership and community, its polity as the orderly and binding guide to an organized united and uniting body.

To all our beloved brothers and sisters around the world, the history of this denomination is very much accessible bringing you how this one Mainline Protestant group in the Philippines came into existence. Not like others, this denomination has no human founder to be recognized but only Jesus Christ who gave his life to reconcile God’s creation unto him.  Please find relish in reading the short history here.

Here, in case you don’t have hymnals, you can have an access to hymns in English, Tagalog, and Ilocano which you need when you are doing your liturgies or even during the times you want to sing. The lyrics are all available here for free just come for a visit by typing https://uccpako.com and you are in.

You will also find materials that include UCCP Statement of Faith, information on UCCP juridical bodies, UCCP Church Workers, liturgies, messages and Biblical reflections, Sunday Schools materials, Sermon and sermon outlines, photos of occasions and more as it is continually updated.

This site https://uccpako.com is open to everyone for comment, suggestions, and even contributions so we can fill, improve and further develop the information we need.