Asitgannak O Dios

Asitgannac, O Dios, asitgannac,
uray maysa a cruz pacayuliac.
Tumuloy ti cantac, O Dios, asitgannac.
Asitgannac, O Dios, asitgannac.

No cas la ken Jacob, init limnec.
Sipnget metten caniac, sagabaec;
No ngad maturogac, Diosco, asitgannac.
Diosco, asitgannac, asitgannac.

Ti asim met coma, cas la agdan,
ta sangom ken denna ti pagsercan.
An-angel ti umay, awisendac coman,
Diosco, asitgannac, asitgannac.

No agriingac ngad, nga agdayaw,
pagladladingitac ti sumin-aw.
A Kenca pagyaman: Betelco a rimbaw;
Diosco, asitgannac, asitgannac.

Ngem no tumayabac ta matayac,
toy lubong licudac, Dios, accuennac.
Tinto la cancantac, Diosco, asitgannac.
Diosco, asitgannac, asitgannac.


My grandparents were UCCP, my parents are UCCP, I'm born a UCCP and I will be forever a UCCP.

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