A Statement of Social Concern-General Assembly

A STATEMENT OF SOCIAL CONCERN General Assembly 19-24 May 1960   INTRODUCTORY THEOLOGICAL STATEMENT Throughout Asia today, people and their governments are in the midst of political, economic and religious upheaval. The tremors of this upheaval have shaken the old foundations of Asian culture and are making way for the building of new political, economic, […]


What is the Problem that has Plagued the UCCP for decades?

UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST IN THE PHILIPPINES 877 Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City P.O Box 718, Manila Central Post Office, 1099 Ermita, Manila Telephone: (632) 426-1729 * 426-3790 * 436-9157 Fax: (632) 426-1729 Email: ogs@uccpchurch.com Website:www.uccpchurch.com   October 24, 2017 ON THE CURRENT PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT EFFORTS AT THE UCCP GENERAL ASSEMBLY […]


A Chronology of Events on the Crisis that has Gripped the UCCP

This document is a raw material from Dr. Noriel Capulong as the author of the article. I am posting this for everyone to think about, and assess whatever truths and fallacies within it. Anybody can come and bring in your opinion, your assessment of the events and processes mentioned here in the light of our […]


Analysis and Response to the Crisis of the UCCP

UCCP is in a virtual state of siege.  A silent creeping “palace coup” has installed an administration that combines a corporatist system of management and a militarist command structure.  NEC officials, past and present, are complicit to it. The traditional church government prescribed in the UCCP Constitution & By-Laws has been effectively sidelined.  Formal constitutional […]


The UCCP in CRISIS-A Crisis of Truth

An Alternative Narrative Presented by Rev. Everett Mendoza, a Former FOC member “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you FREE.” – Jesus Christ “The TRUTH is the whole; the WHOLE is the truth”-Friedrich Hegel, German Philosopher The Challenge of Property Development Reconfiguring the Constitution & By-Laws for Corporate Development. Property development is a […]