Christian Mission Fellowship-Rizal District Sings the Blessing


The Christian Mission Fellowship is celebrated yearly by Northeast Southern Tagalog Conference.  At this time it was held at UCCP Pililla, Rizal District.

Rizal District Choir is formed by Church Workers and Laypersons rendering sweet music during occasions and activities for district and Conference-wide.

This is one of their best renditions that would uplift your soul through the Tagalog Gospel song “Pagkalooban ng Kapayapaan”.

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2 thoughts on “Christian Mission Fellowship-Rizal District Sings the Blessing”

  1. Very soothing music. What language dialect are these performers speaking? What countries does the Christian Mission Fellowship conduct it’s faith? 

    I’ve been interested in finding a religion to worship and pay homage. Maybe this religion could be of interest if there chapel can be found in Australia.

    What religion do you believe in. Has your faith given you peace and a purpose in life?

    • Hi! Benji. It’s good you played and listened to the song.  That song is a blessing sung in Filipino language.  That is our language in the Philippines.

      I guess you should not find a religion to worship, we don’t worship a religion, worship is only for God. I can sense you are a believer of God, you only pretend that you don’t know. We don’t have UCCP in Australia but I’m sure we have there a Uniting or United Church in Australia. 

      The UCCP believes in a purpose driven life and this is what you can read in the different articles we have. I challenge you to go back to the site and start reading from the “About” page and so on.

      Thank you for coming by and dropping your comment. I want to hear from you again.


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