Coming to The Cross . UCCP AKO

Coming to The Cross

Coming to the Cross

I am coming to the cross, I am poor and weak and blind
I am counting all but dross; I shall full salvation find.

I am trusting Lord, in Thee, Blest Lamb of Calvary;

Humbly at Thy cross, I bow, save me, Jesus, save me now.  Amen.

Long my heart has sighed for Thee, long has evil reigned within!
Jesus sweetly speaks to me, “I will cleanse you from all sin.”

Here I give my all to Thee—friends, and time, and earthly store.
Soul and body Thine to be, wholly Thine forevermore.

Jesus comes! He fills my soul!  Perfected in Him I am
I am every whit made whole—Glory, glory to the Lamb!


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