Emphasis of the Whole Church

The Emphasis of the Whole Church
Executive Committee
7-8 December 1973



We reiterate our conviction that mission is the summation of the task and responsibility of the Church.  However, the committee wishes to direct the mind of the Church to the understanding and implementation of our concern for mission in our response to the need and care of our cultural minorities and peoples overseas in terms of missionary funds and personnel.

In the light of our present financial resources and personnel strength, we declare that our program in home mission constitutes our major missionary task without abandoning our interest in needs of peoples overseas within the scope of our capacity to provide for.

That the growth of our national leadership is the dominant factor in the decrease of our missionary personnel for overseas mission.  We,  therefore, hope that the action of the program of the Mission Board and associated brethren in their plan of sending new missionaries to work with us in the next quadrennium.


General Assembly
16-20 May 1974

The whole body of Christ, local, national and universal is the witness, the mission of God’s loving concern here on earth.  To live in a division is sin.  Where there is no unity, the vision is blurred, and the evangelistic task of liberating men from sin is doomed.  In the pursuance of our evangelistic task, we affirm unity in the midst of diversity.  We shall join to witness an ecumenical life together, and the local congregation, denomination, religious or no-religious bodies where God is active in love, hope, and faith for the glory of God and salvation of mankind.


General Assembly
16-20 May 1974

That evangelism is the proclamation by word and by life of the unbounded love of God in jesus Christ for the world to the end that man may be persuaded to accept Christ, our Lord and Savior and to relate himself to the ‘body of Christ:-the Church and its mission for man and his society of reconciliation and liberation.


General Assembly
16-20 May 1974

We believe that God is the Creator and Owner of all things.  We believe that God is the ruler and sovereign of all things and rules with justice and love.  We serve and worship God with all these things or token of our thanking for the redeeming power of the love of Jesus Christ.  So we offer to God in service and our worship, our time, talents, and influence.


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