Epistle to the Christians of Today

General Assembly
21-26 May 1978


In the spirit of concern, we 30 participants to a study seminar on society and institutions sponsored by the Office of the Bishop-UCCP Mindanao Jurisdiction from 27 March to 2 April 1978, in Davao City, reflected on the following issues:

  1. The increasing concentration of wealth and power om the hands of the few;
  2. The preferential treatment accorded multi-national corporations resulting in the exploitation of our natural resources for the benefit of these foreign interests, and the irreparable damage inflicted on our environment due to the uncontrolled operations of agricultural and industrial corporations;
  3. The violation of basic human rights of the greater majority of our people, including the right of food, clothing, and shelter;
  4. The enslavement of the greater majority of our people, producing crippled beings, not creatures of God, enmeshed in a culture of silence;
  5. The sense of helplessness and despair of the greater majority of our people, resulting from and reinforming their powerlessness;
  6. The political and economic inequality as the primary divider, particularly in the Mindanao and Sulu, rather than the cultural-religious differences which are often times over-played; and,
  7. The reinforcement by the institutionalized Church of the unjust social structure which is faithlessness to its prophetic and transforming ministry.


  1. We reiterate our stand for genuine human development seeking solidarity with the people in their struggles for justice and liberation.
  2. We urge all to take positive steps towards the protection of our environment from agricultural and industrial exploitation and desolation;
  3. To encourage the formation and strengthening of people’s organizations to ensure popular participation in decision making;
  4. We call upon the institutional church to fulfill its commitment of identification with the deprived, the enslaved, the accused and the despised;
  5. We seek the peace that can only spring from situations where “justice rolls like a mighty stream” and development takes cognizance of the dignity of the people.


Ref: General Assembly, 78-117, 21-26 May 1978, p. 35.



2 thoughts on “Epistle to the Christians of Today”

  1. How wonderful to have records like this and memories of events that happened over forty years ago! What I want to read is that the world and people don’t change much over time. Most of the prayers you had then could easily be prayed today. We still have a lot of violations of basic human rights today, as well as political and economic inequality.

    • Thank you for leaving a comment.

      Yes, more than four decades is already far but the situation and the reason why this resolution was made is still present and aggravated. It seems people are not being taught of the value of human rights.

      In fact, in the Philippines during the present administration, there are thousands of Extra-Judicial Killings. It’s a sad situation because most of the people here are Christians.


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