Friendship with Jesus . UCCP AKO

Friendship with Jesus

Friendship with Jesus

A friend of Jesus, oh, what bliss
that one so weak as I;

Should ever have a Friend like this
to lead me to the sky.

Friendship with Jesus, fellowship divine;

Oh what blessed sweet communion,
Jesus is a Friend of mine.

A Friend when other friendships cease,
a Friend when others fail;

A Friend who gives me joy and peace,
a Friend who will prevail!

A Friend to lead me in the dark,
a Friend who knows the way;

A Friend to steer my weak, frail bark,
a Friend my debts to pay!

A Friend when sickness lays me low,
a Friend when death draws near;

A Friend as thro’ the vale I go,
a Friend to help and cheer.

A Friend when life’s rough voyage is o’er,
a Friend when death is past;

A Friend to greet on heaven’s shore,
a Friend when home at last.


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