From His Book-Those Who Have Sinned are Out

Exodus 32:1-33

The LORD answered, “It is those who have sinned against me
whose names I will remove from my book.

The Book of Names of Those Who Have Sinned-Book of Names

The People’s Request

“. . . make us a god to lead us.”

Gold earrings from women, sons, and daughters were taken off and were brought to Aaron.  Then Aaron built an altar in front of the gold bull and announced, “Tomorrow there will be a festival to honor the Lord.”

The following day the people sat down to a feast, which turned into an orgy of drinking and sex.

God Saw What the People Did

The LORD said to Moses, “Hurry and go back down, because your people, whom you led out of Egypt, have sinned and rejected me. They have already left the way that I commanded them to follow; they have made a bull-calf out of melted gold and have worshiped it and offered sacrifices to it. They are saying that this is their god, who led them out of Egypt. (vv. 7, 8)

God is angry and he is going to destroy them.

Moses Pleaded

LORD, why should you be so angry with your people, whom you rescued from Egypt with great might and power?
Exo 32:12 Why should the Egyptians be able to say that you led your people out of Egypt, planning to kill them in the mountains and destroy them completely? Stop being angry; change your mind and do not bring this disaster on your people. Exo 32:13 Remember your servants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Remember the solemn promise you made to them to give them as many descendants as there are stars in the sky and to give their descendants all that land you promised would be their possession forever.” (v. 12, 13)

God Change His Mind

So the LORD changed his mind and did not bring on his people the disaster he had threatened. (v.15)

Moses Went Back Down the Mountain

When Moses came close enough to the camp to see the bull-calf and to see the people dancing, he became furious. There at the foot of the mountain, he threw down the tablets he was carrying and broke them. He took the bull-calf which they had made, melted it, ground it into a fine powder, and mixed it with water. Then he made the people of Israel drink it.  He said to Aaron, “What did these people do to you, that you have made them commit such a terrible sin?”

Moses Reprimanded the People

“You have committed a terrible sin. But now I will again go up the mountain to the LORD; perhaps I can obtain forgiveness for your sin.” (v. 30)

Moses Returned up the Mountain to the Lord with the same Plead

“These people have committed a terrible sin. They have made a god out of gold and worshiped it.  Please forgive their sin; but if you won’t, then remove my name from the book in which you have written the names of your people.” (v. 31, 32)

God’s Reply

“It is those who have sinned against me whose names I will remove from my book. (v. 33)


The War on Drugs refers to the drug policy in the Philippines initiated by the Philippine government under President Rodrigo Duterte.

The Dangerous Drugs Boards’ survey on the drug use situation in the Philippines show 1.8 million drug users in 2016.

How did we know this? It is on the list of the Dangerous Drugs Board. How did they come up with this list? With no doubt, it is with the help of barangay officials and the Municipal Law Enforcers.

All the names listed validated or not, verified or not are condemned as drugs users and are the object of the Philippines’ Oplan Tokhang.

The name of the Philippines’ Oplan Tokhang is derived from the Cebuano “Toktok-Hangyo” meaning “knock and plead (make a polite request to surrender or stop using drugs).”

Under the guidelines, teams will visit the houses of personalities listed on the drugs watchlist. Conduct of Oplan Tokhang, the visitation of the alleged drug personalities in order to persuade them to stop with their illegal drugs activities and submit themselves to the government for their recovery.

However, there has been a considerable number of individuals who have not submitted themselves and were summarily executed.  Thus they were no longer on the list for the hunt.

What does it mean when God said, “It is those who have sinned against me
whose names I will remove from my book?”

From the passage as the basis of our reflection, it presents a God who is knowledgeable of who are the ones that sinned and are accountable to him.

He is just in his dealings, it is only those who have sinned are removed from the book.

Those who are removed will no longer enjoy life as to those who are enjoying their lives with all the blessings and benefits of a life with freedom.

Is there a difference in how God treats individuals according to the text compared to how your government deals with the erring citizens? What does this mean to have faith in God influences our lives as a citizen, law enforcers, and a government official?

To make this discussion richer and more meaningful anyone can contribute his/her opinion and theological stand.  Drop your comments below.

12 thoughts on “From His Book-Those Who Have Sinned are Out”

  1. Considering this, it can be seen that religion is something that everyone wants to evaluate. But no one can say which one is the real religion. And Allah has tested different ways of sustaining Islam, among them, Prophet Moses. Prophet Abraham. Jesus Many more have been sent to Prithvi. And prove that there is a Creator. And one of the creators has ordered worship. Invited people on the wrong path to expand Dhamma. The devotees do not want to accept it, so they make various excuses and oppress people and worship different gods and goddesses and they are misguided as they indulge in sex and drunkenness.

    • Hi, Jeff. I appreciate your time in reading and dropping a comment on this article.

      We Christians believe there is only ONE TRUE GOD, and that is the CREATOR of everything including us. This is the God worshipped by our ancestors Abraham, Jacob, Moses, the Prophets and the general community of believers.

      This God is the only Supreme Being that will mete judgment to all nations, all humanities, including all powers under him. This includes all the false prophets, false witnesses of faith in God. 

      Different religions should believe in only one true God, the God of the universe.  He is the God that teaches every government how to rule and’ manage people. This God is the origin of governance that is perfect and this is what we all yearn in our society.

      Because people govern according to their own foolishness and not to God’s governing wisdom we victimize ourselves and we suffer accordingly as a result.

      But this God whom we believe will not forget everything, bad or god, sinner and saint and this what it means to have his book where every name is written.

  2. Excellent article that blesses life,those who have sinned are out,the bible says righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach,and also God said the soul that sinned shall die,according to the post,those who sinned their names will be remove from the book of LIFE,God loves mankind and gives man every opportunity to come back to Him,as long as man lives relationship with God is important but sin drives man away from God’s presence.Let us workout our salvation with fear and trebling,thank you for this wonderful write-up,its a spiritual tonic for me.

    • Thank you, Abayomi for enriching the discussion.

      God is a judge but he is loving and is offering an opportunity for sinners to repent. At the end of times, God will rule and no one can go against his judgment on every nation, every human. Let us not punish ourselves with our own foolishness because God loves us.

      In every experience, God teaches us but his final judgment will be at the end of times because the opportunity he gives is until our last breath.

  3. Amazing… This is a really great post here… It is soo educating and refreshing I must confess… There have been a lot of arguments about the word of God,what it says and how it addresses issues. The Bible at times is used by people to defend themselves even when they are wrong. One of the used bible verses affirmed that those who sinned will be ruled out of the book,but a a lot of people still argue that the grace of God is sufficient for those who believe in him. Thanks for this great post.

    • Thank, Willy for dropping a comment on what you read.

      We know that God is merciful, loving and slow to anger but he is a judge. He will surely mete punishment to hardheaded people. So we have to adjust to God’s standards and not God adjusting his ways to our own convenience.

  4. I love the end question in this post. God being a supreme being is known to be merciful and almighty, he however have said he who sin would be punished unless we renounce these sins and make restitution, then we will be free of his punishment. On the other hand the government would ask you confess your guilt just to punish an individual. Now this action between them shows the supremacy of God over human and HIm keeping to his words. This is my own opinion on this.

    • Thanks, Dane for your comment. I agree with you that God seeks individuals confession of the wrong deed for his grace to flow and forgive the violator, the sinner.  

      It’s a sad thing to know the fact that many of our people have experienced punishment even to the point of their admission to guilt. Meaning, many have slipped out of the justice processes and were punished outside what is offered by the law.

      If only people learn God’s ways of dealing with sins and sinners, I’m sure we can minimize victimizing the innocents and profuse punishment to those who can reform themselves.

  5. Tbis is a familiar story you have written here bit I dont understand the relationship with the issue in Philippine. I have nor heard about it but it seeks you mean that people who use drugs are and refuse to be delivered are being executed. Similar to the story, this people also sinned but I believe that in the story,they were reprimanded only God decides that the righteous will go to heaven and those that sinned will not enjoy the Bliss he offers. I hope you can expantuate on the similarities or differences of the story for understanding.

    • Thanks, Henderson for your comment. I would say that God and any government have both good intentions of reprimanding people but the only difference between them is the certainty, the accuracy, and the righteousness of the judgment meted has a wide gap.

      In God’s judgment, those who are in his list are sure violators while in a human government even just suspects are being incarcerated, tortured and even executed to death.

      While both God and a government give the opportunity for sinners to repent, our experiences display the kind of government we have that summary executions are being committed which is against any law.

  6. Thank you for this post.

    I also believe that God is Just in his judgement and also a very Forgiving God. The good thing is that we are assured of eternal life.

    Have we sinned? YES. In Fact everyone has sinned, and we are not even supposed to be in His Book. But our God is Merciful and is always calling for us to repent and have our sins cleansed. Once we are cleansed, we remain as if we have never sinned. This is the hope we have, and our surety in having our names in the Book.

    Thank you for this inspiring article and one to reflect on too.

    • God’s justice is very eminent that nobody will be victimized by his judgment but only those have sinned. Moses’ request that his name is deleted from God’s list not condoned. But neither of the sins of people is condoned they have to be corrected, and the people must change their mind on who their God is, and how he is worshipped.


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