Genuine and lasting Peace . UCCP AKO

Genuine and lasting Peace

Peace is the laughter of children at play,
Free from all cares of the day,
No longer victims of sickness and wars,
Genuine and lasting peace.

Peace, peace, peace, lasting peace,
Peace that the world cannot give,
Based on what’s just, stands for the truth,
Founded in Christ our peace.

Peace is the sound of the rivers and seas,
beauty of flowers in bloom,
Free from all human destruction and greed,
Genuine and lasting peace.

Peace is the cry of the poor and oppressed,
Crying for freedom and food,
Crying for jobs and crying for land,
Genuine and lasting peace

Peace is the hope that we struggle and seek,
Until all earth’s wars shall cease,
Never be cowed by the forces of death,
Genuine and lasting peace.


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