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God is Our Home

God is our home-mountains

Title:            God is Our Home
Text:             Psalm 90: 1-2


A home is an indispensable need for any living thing and being.  Regardless of form and type, it is where belongingness, security, abundance are met.  If God is our home how could all the needs felt and experienced?

Let’s start with our reflection by calculating your own death’s clock.

Rev. ___________’s Death Clock                   → Saturday, May 3, 2036

Try to convert this 748,455,230 seconds left into years
Converted into minutes            12,474,253.83
Convert it into hours                207,904.23
Convert it into days                 8,662.67
Convert it into months                  288.75               

Convert it into years                     24.06

II. This world is not my home, I’m just passing through
Our second home is the earth. We are created by God so we came from God and God has given the opportunity for us to relish on the beauty of the earth he has designed. But we cannot dwell here forever, there will come a time that we will leave this place.

All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again. (Ecc 3:20). However, the totality of our own being will not cease in going to the dust. There is something more than the soil, more than the physical.

III.  There’s no place like home.

Psa 127:1 If the LORD does not build the house, the work of the builders is useless; if the LORD does not protect the city, it does no good for the sentries to stand guard.

What’s in a home?

It is where we feel we belong.

We are accepted, there is acceptance.
Even when a person wanders and nobody accepts him/her there could be no other better place to be back than to a home where open arms can embrace him/her.  Even when a person squanders all his/her resources and finds himself in scarcity and decides to go home, he will be fed accordingly with the riches available in the home.

It is where we exercise all the rights we have

As homeowners, we have the right to live in that home with all the amenities

It is where security abounds

Life is assured and it is protected.

There’s no place like home when it comes to caring and sense of concern, it is there where you will find everything.

A home that we yearned and for so long prepared for us.

It is a home incomparable to a human-made building.
It is where we belong to a parent that really cares for us, who loves us.
It is a home where life is assured and secured.
It is only in Gods’ hands.

God is our home here in this life and after.  We should have the feeling of yearning to be with him always, anytime, everywhere and any situation.

10 thoughts on “God is Our Home”

  1. I completely agree that God is our home.  With God in your life, you have a sense of calm, a state of relaxation.  At least I do.  I know that things might get tough at times, but I am in God’s hands and I know that I will be able to bear anything, that I will be taken care of.  I had a bad year quite a few years back when I lost my mom, son, aunt, and my favorite cousin…all within a very short time.  It really tested my faith.  My dad has still not recovered.  It made me stronger, God makes you stronger!

    • Good to hear from you, Leah. There are mysteries we cannot explain in our life but we just feel that we can overcome even the hardest times it is because there is someone who is giving us strength and wisdom.

      Your experience and faith in God could help other people if you share it as you have done it here. Thank you for participating in the reflection.

  2. I like this post, it is like a clarion call to remind us all that we are all on transit in this world. Much as our earthly home is so comfortable, providing us all the needed shelter, warmth and togetherness, it is important for us also to know that there is a greater home above where much better comfort and everything is waiting for us at the appointed time. But while we await that, let us live our live here on earth to please our creator.

    • Thanks, Franklyn, you’ve said it God is our home not only in heaven but even right here in this world while we are living. God loves us, cares for us, provide for us, and protects us.  He is our parent here on earth and in after this life.

  3. Hi Jimmy, with all the seeming solutions the world offers, God is truly the security, the answer we are looking for, our soft place to fall everytime. God is our home and this home goes where we go and is available at all times. It is where we belong. Inspiring post. Thanks.

    • Thanks, JJ, when the world fails God is is our ultimate protection, friend, and provider because he knows us and all that we need.

      I pray for your continued growth in faith in God and an exemplary doer of his words.

  4. I agree. God is definitely our home. Our home is a place we feel safe, relaxed, at ease, and loved. It’s a place we kick off our shoes and get into comfy clothes, curl up on the couch to read, study and play. It’s where we keep our loved ones, even if in my case, my loved ones are cats. But home is a sanctuary from everything else. 

    • Thanks, Jade, I see you have great trust in God. I hope your whole household is well protected and loved because God is with you.

      You can show God’s love to your cats by feeding them, ensuring their health and giving their security and assurances during day and night.

  5. I love the points you made and totally agree with you, that our Heavenly Father is and always will be our home.

    Knowing this we should not fear anything, even death, because God will always be there for us and he has prepared a table for us when our time comes up on this earth.

    • Absolutely. We have a home that is secured all the time.  Suffering because we defend and witness for our faith in God, our home is nothing compared to the life he is bestowing here and there after. 


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