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  1. “Huli sa Kagayunan” and “Hesus Ako Uya” are very close to my heart. My mama and I really loves it. Our favorites . I miss mama so dearly!

    • Thank you Juliet for visiting this website. I wish i could understand Visaya dialect. I know you love hymns and you love to sing them.

  2. I love hymns. I have my own collection of English hymns, with guitar chords. But I noticed that most churches today, especially those that are predominantly young people, do not include hymns anymore in their praise and worship line up. That’s because they are more into contemporary and modern songs and are not familiar with hymns.  But they have to learn these hymns because of the rich historical attributes.

    By the way, I hope you don’t mind if I will copy from your site the hymns which are not available in my hymnal songbook. I am thinking of converting my word document into a downloadable pdf file so I can share them with everyone who loves hymns.

    • You are right Alice, the New Religious Movement is up to that manner.  It is a sad thing that our worship is being filled with songs lacking in historical context and are just songs composed relating to personal vertical line religious view.  Often they do not carry the struggle of the church.

  3. Hymns make me feel in close contact with the Lord. Not rarely I get emotional when signing them.

    So I highly appreciate your list, what a great selection!

    Also, since my mother tongue is not English I often do not know the English lyrics to them.

    I will mark your website as one of my favorites and I’ll refer to it again in the future.


    • Thank you Eliane for your interest in hymns.  Hymns are inevitable part of our liturgies in the Christian Worship and services and they carry messages to our listeners, not only to them but also to us who sing and feel what they deeply bring to us.

  4. Hi Accad,
    I love hymns. One of my favorites is Come Thou Fount.
    Two things that I really get strength from anytime I sing this particular hymn:
    1. That Jesus sought me when I was still a stranger wandering from the flock of God. I didn’t seek Him, He sought me.
    2. Then here’s my heart Lord, take and seal it. After being found, He seals me by His Holy Ghost as a guarantee of eternal life. Ephesians 1:12-14, Ephesians 4:30

    • Zeblon,thank you for dropping by on this site and browsing and maybe singing some of the hymns.  I like the hymn you mentioned and to tell you the truth that very part you have stated had also won my heart.  Let’s continue to sing for the Lord.

  5. Wow, what a huge list of hymns! I wasn’t expected nearly that many when I clicked the link; that’s great to see! Especially since you offer them in multiple languages.
    I was excited to see Amazing Grace right there at the top of the list. I know it’s a very traditional hymn but it’s also always been my favorite. There’s just something about it that speaks to my soul.
    Lovely page; thank you for sharing.

    • Jessica, thank you for appreciating this page of uccpako.com. I hope you have found your favorite hymn.  

      Let’s sing unto the Lord with all our hearts, minds and soul.

  6. My favourite hymn is “Be Thou My Vision”, I was just listening to it now.

    The words are so powerful and maybe because I’ve got Irish blood in me, I love the Irish style and rhythm. Word like “Riches I need not nor man’s empty praise, be mine inheritance now and always!”

    Powerful words that touch my heart!

    • Yes, Simon. I like that hymn too, however, the hymnal we are using now does not contain that hymn. But don’t you worry I will include that in the future when I can have the hymnal that has it.

      Thank you for your love of hymns, that only means you love to worship the Almighty.

  7. Thank you James for dropping a comment on my page “Hymns”. Your observation is a technical one that needs attention by the WA management.

    I hope these hymns will bring music to the souls of those who are seeking and understanding themselves under God’s love and saving act.

  8. Hello and thanks for sharing, I love hymns because they can really get you into God’s presents. In fact, before the death of Jesus, the bible tells us that both Jesus and His disciples sung and hymn.Hymns are so great and the men and women who wrote these songs were truly moved by God. Thank you for this awesome list of hymns.

    • Thank you Norman. Indeed, we cannot have any worship without hymns. They really convey God’s love and saving act.

      Hymns are fruit of the faith of our ancestors during their life’s journey.

  9. You have quite a list of hymns here. I didn’t have any trouble navigating them. Maybe that problem is fixed. This list should be of help to those who are looking for the lyrics to their favorite hymns.


    • Thank you, Jean, for dropping your comment at my page “Hymns”. I still have much to do, adding more and doing some refinement in the form. I hope as it grows many will benefit from it.

  10. Nice looking site content good having the content in English, tagalog and Ibocano, is good the one problem I was having that it was taking too long for the page to load, the links are clickable but just to much of a delay in going to next page. Overall the site is good nothing else I see is wrong

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