Igorot Family Reunion with Cultural Celebrations

Family Reunions

Family reunions are alive everywhere these days.  Meaning the planned getting together can be yearly, biennially or any other options the family and clans choose.

Ever since there were reunions of families but it’s not organized, it’s just random.  When a relative wants to visit their relatives to other provinces they’ll just go without any prior information. These days it is being planned and scheduled, calendared for everyone to look for in the future.

Part of the planning on the part of individuals and families is saving for their transportation expenses, cost of meals and other things needed during the fellowship.

They never leave the place without any imprint of memories through pictures and videos being posted on Facebook and Instagram. There is no time and event that cannot reach the different parts of the world. Relatives from abroad will never miss their relatives because of available images and videos that they can see and having the assurance that everyone is well in their own domains.

The Original Instruments of Kankanaey

This video brings us one particular Igorot Tribe among the several groups. This tribe is called “Kankanaey”, it has a distinct characteristic when it comes to original cultural instruments.  The all-wood instruments called, “tallak” is composed of four different sizes which each brings a unique and different sound rhythm. This is their original instruments that produce a piece of harmonic music for their dancing for both Thanksgiving and other occasional cultural celebrations. This has been replaced by the modern instruments made of bronze, iron rods and wood that play the same role in rhythmic harmony. 

Please watch the video wherein you will see the modern instruments that replaced the all-wood ones.


The Kankanaey

The Igorot Tribes are Kankanaey, Ibaloi, Kalanguya. The Kankanaey-Igorot are found mainly in Benguet, and Mountain Provinces but they can be found also in the different parts of the Philippines and in abroad. This is because they need to sustain their families and there is not enough employment in the Philippines.

For additional information, you can have a reading and understand who are the kanakanaey and other Igorot tribes, Click here.

Igorot Family Reunion with Cultural Celebrations-kankanaey youth in costumes

The Sulibao

Igorot Family Reunion with Cultural Celebrations-sulibao

The Gong or Gangsa in Tagalog

Igorot Family Reunion with Cultural Celebrations-gong