Jesus Christ-Nontraditional Gift

Jesus Christ-Nontraditional Gift
Text: John 3:16, 36

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son
shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him.


The traditional gifts we receive during birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, Christmas time and other special occasions vary in different degrees.

From apparels, cosmetics, pieces of jewelry, appliances, devices, gadgets and so on and so forth cost much but cannot equal the price, the value,  the satisfaction, the effect, the extent, the depth, the vastness and the meaning of this so-called “Jesus Christ-Nontraditional Gift” we are to meditate on.

Let’s come together and ponder on the uniqueness of this gift we have freely received with thanksgiving to God that opened and provided this for all of us, humans and other creations.

In our reflection, we will be going to discuss and understand three things: A gift for all people, a gift that heals, and a gift that lasts.  So let’s start with the first point.

Jesus Christ-Nontraditional Gift-the crucified Christ


I.  A gift for all people

Regardless of race, culture, and condition in life
Regardless of fitting-it fits all sizes of people

II. A gift that heals

Social Ills-
It’s a living medicine that has the power to cure
It restores a broken relationship
A redemptive gift

III. A gift that lasts

It doesn’t wear or tear away (di kumukupas)
It’s for all seasons
It’s adaptable to all places 

IV. Conclusion
In a world that is continuously wrecked by divisions inflicting brokenness (harm and destruction) to life, Jesus Christ is a gift of love.

God is restless and uncomfortable to see anyone of us living in a desolate state.  God ensures an abundant life for all:  Not just for individuals but as a community wherein everyone takes part in building and complementing one another.

The gift is free because God has paid it all for us. It is a gift for all, a gift that heals, and a gift that lasts.

Let us all receive this gift and may we feel the difference it brings in our lives.


6 thoughts on “Jesus Christ-Nontraditional Gift”

  1. Hello

    It is a blessing to know that god will give his gift to all people, regardless of race, culture or creed, a gift that heals no matter how ill someone is and lastly a gift that will go on forever.

    Many thanks to god for paying for everybody.

    Thank you for writing this message from god.

    • Thank you, Jimmy, for being one of the persons who have read this sermon outline. It is such a pleasure that you believe in the points I mentioned about.

      I hope you are willing to share this message to any one for this is the Good News we have to bring with us anywhere, everywhere, at any time and any situation.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this article on Jesus-Christ Nontraditional Gift.I always celebrate christmas party not to enjoy with family but to praise my God for the wonderful gift he gave me through his son.

    Many people don’t know that through Jesus we have everything that’s why the righteous must go all over the world to teach God’s people about the gift we received from God.

    A payment has made for us through Christ.

    • Thanks, Julienne, for dropping a comment on this sermon outline. If you think this outlines the truth of what we believe about Jesus Christ I am willing that you can share this as your message to every one you can reach. I hope you have had a meaningful Christmas this 2018 and the reason of the season may continue to be with you all the year through.

  3. Thank you very much for your article.

    it is always a special time when we are surrounded by the Love of God.

    This was a wonderful surprise to find this message that you shared so lovingly.

    A wonderful chance to thank God for his love and kindness given to us all especially in our fallen state.

    May God Bless You for sharing.

    • Thank you, Robert, for your comment. It’s true that because of God’s love that propelled him to offer a free gift for all of us to receive it leads us to be thankful, and may we feel the difference it brings in our lives.



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