On the Ministry of Church-Related Schools-uccpako

On the Ministry of Church-Related Schools
Executive Committee May 13-14, 1949

A. Standards or Requirements for Church-Related Schools

  1. Fulfillment of requirements of the Bureau of Private Schools.
  2. The Bible should be taught at least two periods a week. There should be periodic student convocations patterned after the Protestant Worship, including the reading of the Scriptures, prayers, and sermon.
  3. There shall be a preponderance of Evangelical Christians on the Faculty, and the head shall be an Evangelical Christian.
  4. There shall be a preponderance of Evangelical Christians on the Board of Trustees, and the Chairman shall be an Evangelical Christian.
  5. Full cooperation with the general program of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines.
  6. The school shall have, as a definite aim for each student, the formation of Christian character and the consecration of the individuals to personal loyalty to Jesus Christ and to a life of service in His name.
  7. The school as an institution shall stand for high moral principles, for service, and for the application of Christian teachings to all of human affairs.
  8. A Baccalaureate Service shall be held as a regular feature of the graduation activities.
  9. The school shall be a non-profit institution.  It is understood that a reasonable interest on capital loaned or invested may be paid.
  10. Provisions shall be made to safeguard all donations to the school, reserving such donations and their corresponding value increment for the purpose of the institutions.
  11. In the event of dissolution all excess of the property value, after the retirement of all stocks or loans, shall be turned over to the UCCP for educational purpose.

B. Recognition of a Church-Related School

Any school to attain the status of a church-related school must accept as official actions of the governing body the requirement as authorized by the Assembly of the UCCP or the Executive Committee, and forward this acceptance, signed by the school director and the president or chairman and secretary of the Board of Trustees with a letter of application for such recognition to the Commission on Education. It is possible for a school to be related to the General Assembly without being directly related to or controlled by the Annual Conference.

The provisions for the recognition of church-related schools apply also to those schools being established by Annual Conference on condition that its Board of Trustees pledges in writing that in the course of the establishment of their school they will fulfill all the requirements for a church-related school.

C.  Basis for Recommending Aid to Schools

  1. Recognition as a church-related school.
  2. Submission of the request to Commission on Education and a copy of the request to the Annual Conference for recommendation.
  3. All recommendation for aid will be on a project basis.


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