Resolution for the Creation of the Human Rights Desk

General Assembly
21-26 May 1978

WHEREAS, as a church body, the United Church of Christ in the Philippines should look at the prevailing universal concern for human rights as a great opportunity to advance the Christian concern for the dignity and well-being of people;

WHEREAS, we believe that human rights are gifts from God and that His will is for us to enjoy the fullness of our humanity;

WHEREAS, there is an urgent need for us as a Church to make more manifest our concern for human rights;

THEREFORE,  It is hereby resolved that a desk for human rights be created within the structure of the Church and that human rights be among our major thrusts in the next quadrennium.


Ref: General Assembly, 21-26 May 1978.
The Resolution is in Appendix XXII, p. 564.

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