Resolutions on Streamlining and Strengthening the Church Organization-uccpako . UCCP AKO

Resolutions on Streamlining and Strengthening the Church Organization-uccpako

Resolutions on Streamlining and Strengthening the Church Organization and on the Church’s Willingness to Assume Responsibility for the Christian Program in the Philippines

Executive Committee
27-30 November 1951

WHEREAS the condition of the time call for the church to plan well ahead of time and wisely, the better to enable it to meet any emergency that might arise;

WHEREAS the experience of the past years in the life of the Church has shown the desirability of streamlining and strengthening its organization;

WHEREAS there is a need for responsible leadership for purposes of initiative and administration in the work of the Church;

WHEREAS the Church must inevitably and continually face the problem of decreasing financial aid from abroad and increased finances to promote the life and program of the Church;

THEREFORE be it resolved, as it is hereby resolved:

First-that we recommend to the 1952 General Assembly the amendment to the Basis of Union changing the number of bishops from four to one and that it take the necessary steps to secure the vote of the Church on that question. We further recommend that the General Assembly in 1952 designate, from the four bishops that shall be elected, one to serve full time, devoting his entire energy to the work to of his office.  He should be released from all other commitments–pastoral or administrative–that would interfere with full and active service to the Church at large.  He should serve in the following capacities: Moderator of the General Assembly, Chairman of the Executive Committee of General Assembly, Chief Executive Officer of the Church, Official Representative in the interest of the Church Union movement and in inter-church and federated relations and activities, as well as in public functions.

Second-to enable this bishop to give full-time service in the interest of the Church-at-large, and to make possible his release from such commitments as might tie him down, arrangements shall be made to provide him with salary, residence, and facilities, sufficient and appropriate to the requirement of the Office;

Third-that there shall be set up a Church Secretariat, the members of which shall be the General Secretary who shall serve as the chief promotional officer and carry the portfolio of each of the following other departments: Department of Missions, Department of Christian Education, Department of Ministry, Evangelism and Stewardship, and Department of Rural Life and Public Welfare;

These secretaries shall be to give a large measure of time in the interest of their respective portfolios. The members of the Secretariat shall serve as corresponding members of the Executive Committee of the General Assembly.

Fourth-the various boards, commissions and committees shall be grouped as far as practicable under five general departments as follows:


A. Home Missions
B. Foreign Missions


A. General Education

  1. Church-related Schools
  2. Adult Education

B. Christian Religious Education

  1. Children’s Work
  2. Youth Work
  3. Adult Work: women’s work and men’s work
  4. Bible Schools

C. Audi-Visual Education


A. Ministry

  1. Training
  2. Relief
  3. Pensions
  4. Seminaries

B. Evangelism


A. Rural Work
B. Medical Work


A. Personel
B. Literature and Publication
C. Finance

  1. Budget
  2. Auditing

D. Legal Affairs

E. Judiciary

F. Polity

G. Other Matters of General Nature not SpecificallyCare by the other Departments.

Fifth-that in accordance with the expressed policy of the coo[perating Boards in America, the United Church of Christ in the Philippines is in the process of setting up a streamlined organization (to be effected at the forthcoming General Assembly) to make ready for any step which the cooperating Boards may desire to take, oversight and direction such establishments and institutions as they may feel to entrust to the Church.

Sixth-that reach out of sense of appreciation for what the Mission Boards have done and are willing to do for the Church in the Philippines, as well as from a sense of mission and duty, we, as a Church and as leaders and supporters of the United Church movdement, do hereby pledge our fullest devotion to the cause of Christian evangelism education, stewardship and service, binding ourselves in a closely-knit organization and in real brotherhood, and in tbhe spirit of Apostle Paul, “forgetting the things that are behind we press forward. . .” to extend the frontiers of Evangelical Christianity in the Philippines and in Asia; and

Seventh and Finally-that these resolutions, except those pertaining to the election of the bishops which shall await confirmation and action by the General Assembly in 1952, shall be in full force and effect upon their approval by the Executive Committee here assembled with the understanding that this action shall be subject to the usual review by the General Assembly.



Ref: Executive Committee, actions #51-57.

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