Send the Light-uccpako . UCCP AKO

Send the Light-uccpako

There’s a call comes ringing
o’er the restless wave,
“Send the light, send the light”.
There are souls to rescue,
there are souls to save;
send the light, send the light!

Send the light, the blessed gospel light;
let it shine from shore to shore!
Send the light, the blessed gospel light;
let it shine forever more.

We have heard the Macedonian call today,
“send the light, send the light!”
And a golden off’ring at the cross we lay;
send the light! Send the light

Let us pray that grace may everywhere abound;
“send the light! send the light
And a Christ-like Spirit everywhere be found;
send the light! Send the light!

Let us not grow weary in the work of love;
“send the light! Send the light”
Let us gather jewels for a crown above;
send the light! Send the light


2 thoughts on “Send the Light-uccpako”

  1. I love this song, we used to sung it when i was a member of young people ,during those times i feel the light of faith in me burning! Send the light the blessed gospel light…let it shine from…

    • In fact, you are not alone. I like this hymn too, may it be in English or in the local dialect the translation is so powerful. The lyrics and the tune are so invigorating.
      The mandate of Christ’s mission to go to all the ends of the earth for there are souls to rescue is appropriate and relevant until this time.


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