Speak, My Lord-uccpako . UCCP AKO

Speak, My Lord-uccpako

Speak My Lord

Hear the Lord of Harvest sweetly calling,
“Who will go and work for me today?
Who will bring to me the lost and dying?
Who will point them to the narrow way?”

Speak my Lord, Speak my Lord,
Speak and I’ll be quick to answer Thee;
Speak my Lord, Speak my Lord,
Speak and I will answer “Lord, send me.”

When the coal of fire had touched the prophet,
Making him as pure, as pure can be;
When the voice of God said, “who’ll go for us?”
Then he answered, “Here I am send me.”

Millions now in sin and shame are dying,
Listen to their sad and bitter cry;
Hasten brother, hasten to the rescue,
Quickly answer, “Master here I am.”

Soon the time for reaping will be over,
Soon we’ll gather for the harvest home;
May the Lord of harvest smile upon as,
may we hear His blessed, “Child, well done.”


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