Spirit Creative Give us Light . UCCP AKO

Spirit Creative Give us Light

Spirit Creative Give us Light

Spirit of Life in this new dawn,
give us the faith that follows on
Letting Thine all-pervading power,
Fulfill the dream of this high hour

Spirit Creative give us light
Lifting the raveled mists of night
Touch Thou our dust with spirit hand
And make us souls that understand.

Spirit Redeeming give us grace
When crucified to seek Thy face
To read forgiveness in Thine eyes
Today with Thee in Paradise.

Spirit Consoling let us find
Thy hand when sorrows leave us blind
In the gray valley let us hear
Thy silent voice:  “Lo, I am near.”

Spirit of Love, at evening time
When weary feet refuse to climb,
Give us Thy vision, eyes that see,
Beyond the dark, the dawn and Thee.  Amen.


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