Statement of Petition to the United Presbyterian Church-USA

Executive Committee
5-7 December 1974


The Executive Committee of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines has received information from reliable sources, that the above-mentioned property is being considered for turn over to the Philippine Christian College (PChC).

We learned, further that PChC intends, and has laid out plans to use the property for the setting up of a building complex for commercial purpose, the profit from the operation to be used by PChC in its programs.

We were also informed that  PChC  intends to incorporate in the scheme a share of 10% of the profit to be given to the United Church of Christ in the Philippines and another 10% to the United Methodist Church.

The General Assembly of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines through its Executive Committee strongly petitions the United Presbyterian Church on the USA to turn over the said property to the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, not to the Philippine Christian College or its foundation.

The reasons behind this petition are as follows:

  1. If the property be used for such purpose as PChC has planned, the United Church of Christ can undertake the same plan and extend assistance from the same earnings, not only to PChC but to many to many other programs and projects of the whole United Church constituency. The turn over to UCCP is petitioned on the basis of a wider coverage of assistance to UCCP programs, if the said property be maximized fro earning purposes.
  2. The continued use of the property as hotel for church leaders and members travelling from and to Manila is very necessary in view of the increasing cost of hotel accommodation which is, even-presently, beyond the reach of Filipino salary. Such leaders and members who have been making use of this privilege testify to the edification, fellowship, and mutual enrichment afforded them through conversations, contact, and informal dialogues during their guest house stay. This experience, we submit, is our experience that should not be lost due to the unavailability of guest house services.
  3. Manila will continue to and, in fact, grow to be a venue for meetings, conferences, consultations, workshops, dialogues of the United Church of Christ in particular, and NCCP-related bodies in general.  The Manila Christian Guest House affords an inexpensive accommodation for such programs within the reach of participants. To deprive us of such a possibility for the sake of profit to a single institution is to commit a sad mistake and to favor the elite over the less economically privileged.
  4. The United Church of Christ had presented several requests for the said property. We consider it to be a matter of priority that the turn over of properties owned by US Churches related to us be in consultation with the United Church of Christ and in deference to our priorities.

It is hoped that the United Presbyterian Church in the USA considers this petition favorably and advance the cause of partnership with the whole church rather than just a segment of it; promotes the interest of the wider constituency rather than the metropolitan population.

For and On Behalf of the Executive Committee, UCCP:


(Sgd) Elizer D. Mapanao         (Sgd) Estanislao Q. Abainza
         Chairman                              General Secretary


(Sgd) George M. Baladjay       (Sgd) Ludovico S. Agulto
         Vice-Chairman                       National Treasurer


(Sgd) Pedro Raterta               (Sgd) Mercurio M. Serina
         Bishop, Visayas                     Bishop, Mindanao


(Sgd) Aquilino F. Guerrero      (Sgd) Eligio A. Hernandez
         Bishop, Northern Luzon          Bishop, Southern Luzon


Ref: Executive Committee, 74-291
       December 5-7, 1974, p.30
       Petition is appendix XII, pp. 107-108

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