Statement on Cultural Communities Affairs . UCCP AKO

Statement on Cultural Communities Affairs

Cultural Communities Affairs

Executive Committee
19-20 May 1975


  1. That the Church recognizes the inadequacy of its understanding of the history and culture of the cultural communities which at times had resulted in action contrary to their history and culture.
  2. That a Study-Action Committee be created with the following tasks:a. Dig into the historical background of the Mindanao conflict involving Muslim-Christian relations, and other ethnic groups;

    b. Affirm positive values of the cultural communities;

    c. Produce study materials for seminars with the aim of overcoming prejudice against the cultural communities.

  3. That the Church take a firm stand in its concern for justice for both Christians and other cultural communities, thus paving the way for development.
  4. That the church encourage, wherever feasible, dialogue between Christians and other cultural communities.
  5. That the Church enters into a long-term program of development, with the end in view of liberating and enabling people and communities in securing lands thus helping them in their struggle for development as a people of God.
  6. That the Church make a firm stand against forces of under-development, especially among the cultural communities.  Such a condition is sin and people manipulating such factors to further their greed at the expense of the people, are sinners in any language.


Ref: Executive Committee, May 19-20, 1975, Action #75-52 pp.18-19

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