Summer Bible Training 2019

A Summer Bible Training with the theme: Making the Teaching of Moses and the Prophets Come True in These Changing Times” with sub-topics ABKD ng CYF, UCCP VMG, Person, Bible, God, CYF Stand on Current Issues, and Worshiping God through our Culture was held in Baguio Village, Diffun, Quirino on April 23-26, 2019.

It was attended by 96 registered participants coming from the Inter-Cultural Christian Youth Fellowship (ICCYF) of the Northeast Luzon Conference (NELC). They come from the Local Churches, Worshipping Congregations, and Outreaches basically lying in the upper part of Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino. Those local churches lying in the lower parts of Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino including Isabela and Cagayan have their own group with different schedules.

The videos below are presentations of spiritual songs in different local dialects such as Kankanaey, Ibaloi, and Kalanguya. There were other groups of indigenous like Ifugao but were not organized for this activity.

The night’s activity was loaded with dances and songs as examples of how God is worshipped and praised in different cultures from the ancient understanding to a new meaning without necessarily changing the form.

It is an evolution of an open mind and expression of self-worth within a culture to a God who richly blessed everyone with peculiar gifts which may have been once the point of derision but eventually accepted as unique in the eyes of God. 

Thankfully, God in his design bestowed different talents in every identity and culture.  If not, the world would be monotonous.

This first is the group of Kankanaey CYF singing Am-in en Cristo Laton Pay Dedan meaning in Christ all is well.


The second group of CYF in their own identity as Ibaloi singing and worshipping God in their own dialect.


The third group that presented their song in their own dialect is the Kalanguya CYF. Just like the other groups, they sang a spiritual song that is just one among what they love to sing in their own worship during Sundays and other occasions. Here they are:


The other groups of presentation are coming and updated. They will be included here when uploaded and ready on YouTube.

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