The Summum Bonum of A Good Name

Text:    Proverbs 22:1
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.


I.  Introduction

1.  Invites everyone to think of the origin of how his or her name came to be.

a. who gave this name?
b. of all other names why is this?
c. what meaning does this name bear?

2.  Invites everyone to think what qualifies a good name.

a.  is there a vision embedded in it to be accomplished?

II.  Body

1.  A Good Name Bears impartiality

1)  Asserts the value of reputation (Proverbs 22)
Choose to have wise and honest dealings

The “Summum bonum” in life is a good name or the value of reputation

2)  Asserts social responsibility with social distinctions

Accepts social distinctions but each must be treated equally in the sight of God who created them equal (Proverbs 22)
It has no regard for outward appearance (James 2), nor it finds its way to Christian assembly.

3) Jesus displayed when he faced the Syro-Phoenician woman and healed her child. (Mark 7:24ff)

 2.  A Good Name Bears True Faith

1)  Faith is a deep personal relationship of trust in Christ in which the believer receives God’s grace
(James 2 )

2) Faith is a living relationship in which the believer is re-created and empowered to live the Christian life.
(James 2)

3) Faith is the inner side of action; works are the outward expression of faith (James 2)


III. Conclusion

Impartiality, honest dealings and a faith that is lived upon.  I personally believe that this is the “summum bonum” (the ultimate good) God placed in every name.

Everything in this world has its own name.  Every one of us possesses a name too. That name we have is the identity God has bestowed upon us.  God, therefore, expects us to protect and live up to that name for his own purposes.   Let us unite that we, named Christians make a sound that heals the world and may God be praised.  Amen

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