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The Word of God Preached


Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-10

The Word of God-Bible


Neh 8:1 And the seventh month came: and the children of Israel were in their cities. And all the people were gathered together as one man to the street which is before the water gate, and they spoke to Esdras the scribe, to bring the book of the law of Moses, which the Lord had commanded to Israel. Neh 8:2 Then Esdras the priest brought the law before the multitude of men and women, and all those that could understand, in the first day of the seventh month. Neh 8:3 And he read it plainly in the street that was before the water gate, from the morning until midday, before the men, and the women, and all those that could understand: and the ears of all the people were attentive to the book. Neh 8:4 And Esdras the scribe stood upon a step of wood, which he had made to speak upon, and there stood by him Mathathias, and Semeia, and Ania, and Uria, and Helcia, and Maasia, on his right hand: and on the left, Phadaia, Misael, and Melchia, and Hasum, and Hasbadana, Zacharia and Mosollam. Neh 8:5 And Esdras opened the book before all the people: for he was above all the people: and when he had opened it, all the people stood. Neh 8:6 And Esdras blessed the Lord the great God: and all the people answered, Amen, amen: lifting up their hands: and they bowed down, and adored God with their faces to the ground. Neh 8:7 Now Josue, and Bani, and Serebia, Jamin, Accub, Sephtai, Odia, Maasia, Celtia, Azarias, Jozabed, Hanan, Phalaia, the Levites, made silence among the people to hear the law: and the people stood in their place. Neh 8:8 And they read in the book of the law of God distinctly and plainly to be understood: and they understood when it was read. Neh 8:9 And Nehemiah (he is Athersatha) and Esdras the priest and scribe, and the Levites who interpreted to all the people, said: This is a holy day to the Lord our God: do not mourn, nor weep: for all the people wept, when they heard the words of the law. Neh 8:10 And he said to them: Go, eat fat meats, and drink sweet wine, and send portions to them that have not prepared for themselves: because it is the holy day of the Lord, and be not sad: for the joy of the Lord is our strength.


This day we are celebrating the National Bible Sunday which falls in the third Sunday after the epiphany. The story in our text tells us about the word of God preached by Nehemiah the Prophet, Esdras the priest, the Scribes and the Levites. Let us ponder on the following points that would probably answer the how, where, when, what, to whom of our text today.


I. The word of God preached as requested (vs1)

  • all people

II. The word of God preached in a designated place (vs3)

  • The street that was before the water gate where the people were gathered

III. The word of God preached in a particular span of time (vs3)

  • From the morning until midday

IV.  The word of God preached to a congregation (vs2)

  • Men
  • Women
  • Children who were old enough to understand

V.  The word of God preached with the people’s actuation and response

  • They stood when the word was opened (vs5)
  • They responded with voice and body actions (vs)
    • Saying amen
    • Hands lifted up
    • Heads bowed down
    • Faces to the ground
  • They understood it when it was read and interpreted (vs8, 9)
    • They wept
  • They were challenged to share their blessings to those who have none (vs10).


We have learned valuable things from our ancestors when it comes to their submission to the word of God. They have fully accorded the respect to the preachers and the word of God preached to them.

This respect is not only to their mentors, teachers, and interpreters of the word of God but it is a respect to the God whom they were worshipping.

An orderly manner of being a participant to the community of worship is an indication of submission to God’s small voice by inclining one’s ear, mind and heart.

The people thirsted for the word of God and they cannot just tolerate it. God’s word is intolerable for it seeks its place in the minds and hearts of those who really give a place and time. After hearing the word of God, assimilating it into one’s life the challenge is to live it out. Apply it not only to one’s self but to others and that makes faith a reality and a learning concrete. God must be praised.

12 thoughts on “The Word of God Preached”

  1. Hi, I can’t say I believe in God anymore, the same way that I used to. I lost my faith in God when I was a child, as per the religious context, and I haven’t regained the belief from that context. I have, however, developed a spiritual understanding, without the religion, which has been very life saving for me in many ways. I don’t read the bible, and I don’t use the word God, and yet, I find salvation in using the words divine/ divinity/ universe where others find solace in God. 

    I agree with you though, in your conclusion that divinity seeks its place in the minds and hearts of people and after accepting divinity, then we must learn to assimilate it into our life, and live in the best way we can, sharing love, joy and peace with everyone we cross paths with.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It doesn’t matter, Josie if you are reading the Bible or not because we are all created by a Supreme Being and shared his communicable attributes so we are all good as God is good. If there are times we are bad we are no longer leaving in God’s attribute but in our own choices.

      Thus any person who is good is God’s image of his own attributes whether they read the Bible or not. In effect, you did not read but it is in your life, then you are imaging God.

  2. This was an uplifting sermon presented in a manner that was different than what I have gotten used to these days. I have some channels on YouTube that I tune into on Sundays and these generally do the trick for me. This post was the chance for me to get back to more reflective thinking with a sermon, and I liked it…

    I have such a respect for the people that are working so hard like yourself to bring the word of God to the masses, and thanks to the internet it truly can go out globally to all corners of the world. This message was one of hope, praise, and thanks to me.

    I am hopeful in the messages that God sends through his spokespersons I give praise that He is there for us all, and I say thanks to Him for his mercy and guidance. Surely all this and more is available to all who open their hearts and minds to the power of Him.

    Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it a lot, especially on this Easter Weekend.

    1. Thanks, Dave, I was so elated by your comment and at the same time humbled. I thank God too for this opportunity of reaching people through his words even in just an outline to convey the message. I hope I did justice to God’s word and I clearly delivered the points the readers and hearers must see and hear.

      Reading your comment Dave, I can say you really love God’s word and enjoy it.  I thank God for knowing somebody like you who find the meaning of life in God’s wisdom.

  3. Highly religious post, I like that am getting  to read this on a Sunday and I like the contents. I was to gain something tangible from your conclusion that respect to elders and teachers of God’s word is also a form of respect to God. I like the words of  God taught by Esdras in the book of Nehemiah where we read.i will go through the bible passage again.

    1. I’m elated, Clement. I hope that feeling will be addressed with urgency because it will surely help you spiritually. We really need to read God’s word and consider it as the most precious thing in our life for it bears God’s wisdom that guides us every time, anywhere and everywhere.

      I hope you will have the urge to share this post to everyone. Thank you very much for coming by.

  4. I think we are in era of mercy,reason we can easily disobey the word of God and be forgiven. During the moses time when hammer of the law takes effect immediately, people were very careful with their deeds and obedience to God’s words and commandments. But the case is different today due to the death of Christ,which sacrificed for us to live.

    1. You are right Chris. We all have the freedom and convenience to do what we want because God doesn’t control us like a robot. But as we learn about a loving God we are pressed to love him also. God is giving us all the chances to obey his words but after all, he is the ultimate judge to whom we submit ourselves.

      We should not get weary of doing good, we should teach in season and even not in season for we know that God’s word is powerful to change even the vilest.

      Thank you for coming and leaving a comment. God bless you.

  5. The word of God has been my pillar since I became born again. The word of God is life and it brings life to the hearers. However, we have to be doers of the word and not just hearers. The word of God is the single most important entity that can change and direct a man. The book of law has never departed from my mouth, day and night I meditate on it for therein shall my way be prosperous and I shall obtain good success.

    1. Amazing, Louis, you can inspire others through your life. Don’t ever get weary in sharing God’s word so others are blessed also.

      I pray that you will be endowed with wisdom and power as God’s instrument.

      Thank you for leaving a comment here. Please come back next time for another word of inspiration.

  6. The word of God is the only example we should live by, the problem with men and society is that more often than we should we take the word of God and twist it to fit our purposes and intentions acting not accordingly to the word of God but to what men really want or need

    1. You have a factual observation, there are those who pervert and distort God’s word. But they will not last long because the truth will either set them free or will shackle them and they will lose their friends because of distrust unless they will repent and follow God’s word.

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