UCCP Constitutional Inadequacy and Theological Expediency

The UCCP Constitutional Inadequacy and Theological Expediency.  Let’s come and discuss this with sobriety and objectivity bearing in mind that what we say are words which aim to unite the divided, clarify the vague picture, and rectify the misleading path.


UCCP constitutional inadequacy

We refer to the insufficiency of the UCCP Constitution and By-Laws to guide us in the management and stewardship of all the properties entrusted to us.  Interpretation can be varied depending on the one who interprets it.  This lope-hole is to be blamed and the cause of misunderstanding and chaos to the leadership and the organization as a whole.

The theological expediency

This is a practical understanding and view of how we manage and develop our properties. It may be the most practical and advantageous step yet it may not be morally right. 

These two sides, UCCP constitutional inadequacy, and theological expediency come with different interpretations and assertions so judgments clash.

Your own Opinion Matters

Is there really a UCCP Constitutional inadequacy and theological expediency?

What do you think is the best way for a member like you and me should do to help enlighten the UCCP membership instead of igniting emotions that divide us? 

If there is constitutional inadequacy, what part of the Constitution and By-Laws should be amended?  If there is theological expediency where does it resides or to whom is responsible?

Please help me clear my mind.  Your opinion matters in helping the UCCP membership clarify the issue at hand

All opinions shared here are not concealed for this is an open site.  However, all comments will be moderated to ensure an orderly and meaningful interaction.

You are free to state your valuable constructive and best opinion for best resolution of the issue engulfing the UCCP by using the comment below.

Thank you for your valuable idea.  May God bless us!

UCCP Constitutional Inadequacy and Theological Expediency

4 thoughts on “UCCP Constitutional Inadequacy and Theological Expediency”

  1. Thank you for laying out the way this page is used and the difference between the two. It is a complicated site geared toward members who truly want to understand this way of life. Thank you for the post.

    I think your links to other pages certainly help with understanding these topics.

    • Thank you Ernest for bringing in your idea about this site.

      Did you find the exposition about the UCCP Constitutional Inadequacy and Theological Expediency helpful in understanding the issues being faced by the United Church of Christ in the Philippines as a church?

      I would like to hear from you if you agree on these two important matters related to the partnership of the UCCP with the Gaisano and Vista Land.

  2. Congrats Jimmy for the initiative of putting up this discussion space. For a thorough theological & constitutional insights on our beloved UCCP, please refer to Chapters VII & VIII, respectively, of my book, Ecumenical and Prophetic: The Witness of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. Quezon City: Claretian Publications, 1998.

    • Thank you, Dr. Mel, for dropping a comment. I hope I can find a copy of your book so I can relate to you on the chapters you have mentioned.


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