UCCP Sapinit Anniversary

UCCP Sapinit anniversary was celebrated in September with the theme Panatilihing Buhay ang Ningas ng Pananampalataya Tungo sa Paglago ng Iglesia”.

UCCP Sapinit is one of the local churches of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines established in the barangay and community of Sapinit with the help of the Mother Church UCCP Cainta.

UCCP Sapinit Anniversary-The Theme

With Pastor Raul Astorga, the resident pastor as the liturgist, the worship started with the active leading of songs by UCCP Sapinit Praise Team, UCCP Cainta Praise Team, and the Rizal District Choir.

The occasion was attended and participated by the whole District of Rizal with around two hundred individuals to whom the District choir has rendered a number of anthems for the message in song and followed by the exposition of the word by Rev. Leiza E. Dolo as the messenger.

From the First Hallelujah to the Last Amen

Part of the worship is the sacrament of the Holy Communion wherein Rev. Elmer Diumano, the Administrative Pastor of the mother church-UCCP Cainta, Officiated.  It was received by around 300 people who came from the different local churches within the district.


The Holy Communion celebrated

Obviously, music is an inevitable part of the Christian worship everywhere and anywhere in the world. Though it can be expressed in different forms and ways it always plays significantly in the liturgy of the Worshipers.

Traditionally, a closing prayer is followed by the Threefold Amen in an approval of what has been pronounced as an entreaty, supplication, or a blessing, a response of commitment from the congregation can be offered with a chosen appropriate hymn or gospel song.

The gathering and celebration culminated in a joyful mode by every one partaking on the food prepared by the host church.  Everyone went home filled with the spiritual and material blessings that are available around. Though the way is dark Jesus Christ the light of the world accompanied us and we were al safe home after that special and eventual occasion.

Thanks to God for guiding this small church into the ministry.  We need your prayers that God may continue to bless the people and that they may grow in number and spiritual abundance.


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