We Have This Ministry

We have this ministry,
and we are not discouraged,

It is by God’s own pow’r
that we may live and serve.

Openly we share God’s word,
speaking truth as we believe.

Praying that the shadowed world
may healing light receive.

We have this ministry,
O God receive our living.

O Christ, the tree of life,
our end, and our beginning

We grow to fullest flow’r
when rooted in your love

Brothers, sisters, clergy, lay
called to service by your grace,

Dif’rent cultures, dif’rent gifts,
the young and old a place.

We have this ministry,
O God, receive our giving.

The yoke of Christ is our’s,
the whole world is our parish

We daily take the cross,
the burden, and the joy.

Bearing hurts of those we serve,
wounded, bruised,
and bowed with pain

Holy Spirit, bread and wine,
we die and rise again.

We have this ministry,
O God, receive our loving.


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