Why We Are UCCP

We believe in one God,
Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer of everyone’s life
In Jesus Christ, God became human
and rules as Lord of lords.
In Spirit,  God guides us all along.

That’s why we are UCCP
It taught us just what the Lord had said
To live a life in community with God and all
Assured of life even after death
no more sorrow and no more defeat
There’s only love, justice and peace-
all creation new.

The kingdom of God is present
where faith in Christ is shared
Where healing is given to the sick
Where food is bestowed
to the hungry and light is to the blind
And freedom for captives and oppressed.


There’s only love, justice and peace. . . UCCP!

2 thoughts on “Why We Are UCCP”

  1. Shalom. Are there chances that you have a copy of the song “Why We Are UCCP” in Ilocano?
    And as an additional question, do you have an instrumental for “A United and Uniting Church”? Thanks and more power!
    From UCCP Bacnotan, La Union

    • Sir Mark, it so happens that I didn’t hear any translation of “Why We Are UCCP” in Ilocano. You can help if you intend to have a translation so we can use it in the Northern Part of the Philippines.
      The instrumental on the hymn “A United and Uniting Church” is also non-existent yet. Maybe we can ask Ecumenical Theological Seminary or Union Theological Seminary to create it for local church use.

      Thank you for visiting this site. May you come again and next time.


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